About The Author

Eddy Joseph Neyts

I am Eddy Joseph Neyts, born September 1, 1948 in Bruges, Belgium.

Bruges is my hometown, where I live there with my second wife and dog. I also spend half of the year in the South of France.
My profession was an independent accountant for more than 40 years.

I also had a running career as a veteran. I won 3 times the European championship; twice 400 meters, in 1994 and indoor 400 meters in 1997; one 800 meters in 1994 and I was third in the World championships in Buffalo USA in 1995.

My passion for John F. Kennedy started the day he was assassinated, November 22, 1963. From that day, I started to collect everything on him.

Today, I can say, that I have probably the biggest private library on JFK, except for the books on the assassination, which, to me, is a business of his own.

I was so thrilled, that I succeeded to give an exhibition, back in 1983, in Bruges, on John and Robert Kennedy. And it was a success, despite all the setbacks I got from outside. That was also the time, in 1982, that I met the director of the Kennedy Library in Boston, Mr. Dan Fenn Jr., former Staff Assistant to President Kennedy. A friendship began, there and then, and we are still friends. And at the exhibition, the daughter of Robert Kennedy, Kathleen and her husband, together with Dan Fenn were there until his death on 14th August.

Years ago, in 1988, Dan’s parents Anna and Dan Fenn, stimulated me to start a book on JFK of my own feelings… but back then, it was difficult to start, with my profession and private life.

I am privileged to have met Caroline Kennedy November, 4, 2009, at the Kennedy Library for a meet and greet. She signed 4 books for me.

When I retired at the age of 65, in 2013, I was ready and full excitement to start with my book, and in September 2015, I really concentrated on all that.

I worked on it for about 5,900 hours, until now.