Dear Michael,

Eddy Neyts, a Belgian author who currently lives in France, has spent the past quarter-century or more working to produce a JFK book unlike any we’ve ever seen. Instead of doing original research in archival collections, Neyts has systematically gone through the existing literature on Kennedy and assessed what these authors have said on the key questions concerning JFK’s life. What, for example, are the varying interpretations of Kennedy and Vietnam? Or on his persistent health issues? Or Kennedy and Cuba? Neyts examines these and other topics in discrete chapters, assessing the various arguments made by historians and other authors, and offering his judgments on their veracity and persuasiveness. 

I know of no author who understands the secondary literature as well, or who has devoted this length of time to the former president and his life. It’s truly an astonishing undertaking. 

Neyts has now completed a draft of the mss. He has asked for my assistance in helping him to find a publisher, and I have agreed to make some approaches. I’m attaching here some sample chapters as well as an author’s note, to give you a flavor of the project and his unique approach. It’s a long mss at present, i.e., somewhere north of 300K words; he is aware that this could be a concern for many publishers.

Many thanks.